July 3, 2011

E-book Published

I've decided to go the self-publishing route. This will help me accomplish at least two things.
  1. I'll stop tweaking this story to death and actually share it out - tweaking is a form of procrastination. 
  2. I can start working on more stories in this universe. I enjoy these characters and this galaxy tremendously, and there's so much more to share.
  3. Also, apparently 72,000 words is too short for sci-fi to be considered by most publishers. So though the story is "epic" the length is not - it's probably a fast, light read considering the dark content.
I'm hoping to get an on-demand print version up for sale in the very near future. Just waiting for professional cover art... the one I made for the e-book is temporary, but close to what I'm looking for.

I've sent the initial prices for the e-book at $1.99 (with a free preview of course). I read somewhere that pricing is inelastic, as long as it is less than the print version. Of course, I've bought my share of $12.99 Nook books. I must be crazy, or I'm just case in point.

If you read it, please post a review! I also still have my reader feedback forms open - in "Other Links" to the right.

I'll be adding additional short stories, maybe even some machinima video, to the site as time goes by. At least now I have the machine to crank it out. Woe to the Milky Way!

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