August 6, 2011

Printed Books Now Available

Despite the on-demand publishing world's bizarre issues, you can now get a printed copy of Handler's Break from and If you have an Amazon account, it will be easy to order from CreateSpace; however, they are charging over $8 for the book. This is because my minimum cost is pretty much something over $8. Lulu had a slightly lesser quality (same size book and everything) but is only $6.79.

I'll never make my millions off printed books, nor do I ever hope to make what might have amounted to an advance... but hey, that's not why I self-published anyway. So order away, knowing you are getting the best deal I can get you at my own expense. And if you have an e-reader of any kind, even a BlackBerry, there's a $1.99 version out there for you. (Just read the damn thing, will you?)

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