September 25, 2011

Short Story : Readers Wanted

If you've read the book, you may remember mention of a particular "historical" character named Myk Kayel. He is referenced several times by Conclavers in both good and bad contexts.

My short story, "Angel's Flight," was recently critiqued by a group of reviewers (mostly "reader reactions"). This story is about Myk. My original version was mainly his encounter with a particular "social issue" that plagues me from my own life. With comments ranging from the good, the bad, and the brutal, I am currently revising this story and looking for additional readers. Those most likely to enjoy it are those familiar with the galaxy I have already created in Handler's Break.

One of the reviewers said, "Interesting tale with some colorful characters, an original world (and universe!), and some nice social commentary." I hope I can keep this aspect of the story alive and vibrant while changing some of the plot structure to accommodate the suggestions and some new thoughts on the storyverse. The story will likely end up around 4,000 words.

If interested, please let me know. The fastest way to communicate with me is via the Handler's Break FB page... but you can also comment here or email me directly. I am anticipating having the new draft around the first week of October.

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