October 9, 2011

Bad Moods are Good

Sometimes someone or something throws a really bad mood at you and you catch it. This despite the sweet cat lying upside-down on your lap daring you to inhale his belly fluffcake.

Instead of speaking to my husband at dinner, I closed my eyes and thought, "What would Elly do?" Because indeed Elyon's personality grew from the darkest of my moods: anger, revenge, kill. Of course, if I were Elyon my husband and son would be dead, the restaurant would be in smolders, its patrons crispy... The first responders would be bloody pulps under their cars and trucks. There would be a crater a city block wide at the intersection of Burbank and Woodman.

It sure would be a pretty sight!

Moods don't just inspire me to write, they inspire what I write. So if you ever read anything of mine, you'll know what mood I was in based on what's going on. Passion, folks - that's our call to action! (And here I thought I was losing my mojo.)

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Anonymous said...

Whew! and I thought I was the only one who thought that way through stress-relief