November 1, 2011

November is Write Your Brains Out Month

NaNoWriMo officially begins today. I foresee a life of flurries and sprints, drags and snags. That is just how it is. I wouldn't mind it being my full time life, writing year round with word-count goals. The 8 hours a day I spend at work could easily produce 4000+ words a day. I would probably not spend 8 hours a day, as I would like more time with my son. But all that said, I make a commitment in November, struggle through it, and  then get back to family and friends and the other life I will be ignoring for 30 days. It's good, and I enjoy it a lot, as well as all the new people I meet and all the suffering and triumphs that go with writing.

If you'd like to join me on this adventure of literary abandon, go to and sign up, and add me as a buddy (handle is hockeygoon). I'm an old NaNo pro, so I'll be happy to prod you through your first experience. If you're already a NaNo, it'll be fun to share stories, word count, and other accomplishments. Now, that said in 240 words, let's get going!

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