June 22, 2012

My Coupon Strategy

People often ask why I provide coupons, especially the 100% off ones. There are two reasons.

1. I just want to encourage people to read the book. I'm not trying to make a living off it. I figure the more people who read it, the more feedback I am likely to get, and the more I can use that feedback to improve my writing.(Keep that in mind, readers! I love feedback, even if you hated the book!)

2. I only coupon the digital versions. This is in part because I don't believe digital books should cost as much as or more than print versions. Also, I have no control over other outlets. So if you MUST buy from Kindle Direct, well, you'll pay $1.99. But if a coupon will encourage you to get the book, why not?

Today's coupon goes out to Blick and the many, many friends and acquaintences I've made in the 501st Legion. Click this Smashwords link, purchase Handler's Break in whatever format you prefer, and apply this coupon code upon checkout: XH55B

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Christopher Blickensderfer said...

Can't wait to start reading ^-^