June 29, 2012

Questions, Questions...

As I step into the final writing stages of Handler's Break... wait, what? You're still writing!? It's published! Yes, well, I want to take it to the next level. But I diverge. As I step into the final stages, I ask myself many questions. I wonder things that would tear this story apart and create new drama. The real question is, do I need new drama, or more drama, or any drama? What do I really need? What can I explore further? Is anything missing? And is adding or expanding even necessary?

I ask myself questions like:

  • What would happen if Boone lost his legendary cool in front of Vindik?
  • What would happen if Elyon went on a killing rampage throughout the Lupis?
  • Greming is almost as brilliant as Boone - what if he knew what Boone was hiding all those years?
  • How does the Life Crystal plant crap (and other people's memories) in Elyon's head, and what long-term effect would it have - especially Vindik's memories? Can we learn something about Vindik through his-her flashbacks?
There is also the question of the trope I am desperately trying to avoid: What the hell does Vindik really want, anyway? He doesn't want to rule the galaxy... but does he intend to use Elyon's secret WMD somehow? And if so, how? And what would that do?

These are questions that might strengthen the story, but... only if that is actually the story I want told. There are other questions, deeper, character questions, about the relationship between Boone and Elyon, between each of them and Reia, between Reia and Vindik that I could explore. What *I* happen to love most about the story is the love between B & E, and all the stuff happening around that serves to frustrate it, grow it, change it... 

Being a writer is hard. It's not just words on paper, it's so much more... and that's the passion, the fun, the challenge of it. The kind of hard work I absolutely LOVE.

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Anonymous said...

This is "killing" me - since I still haven't read it yet.. doh!.. must read story... must read story....