August 6, 2012

Science is Everywhere

As a lover of science as much as writing, I'd like to share a few recent thoughts from the scientific community.

First, we have this recent study on climate change that supposedly changes the minds of skeptics. While I am a believer on the impact of humankind on our planet, I didn't actually find it very convincing... temperatures on our planet have been rising since the last Ice Age so this "discovery" is not surprising in the least. What do you think?

Black holes make lithium? Or black holes eat lithium? Whatever the case, this article discusses the significant lackof lithium in the universe, for those who are concerned about battery power and mood stability.

Because I love alternate perspectives on reality, here's a little tidbit about math, vision, and dolphins. Using sound and math - yes, that beautiful language of science most humans learn to hate - dolphins are able to see through impenetrably murky water.

Okay that's all for now - more later - been too excited dealing with Curiosity landing!

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