August 16, 2012

Time to Celebrate!

In addition to giving away cards for the novel, I'll be handing out flyers at Star Wars Celebration VI next week. These flyers promote the First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment ("FISD") ( in the hopes of getting new Stormtrooper recruits off on the right foot. We don't want them getting duped by ebay knock-offs and taking the bad, cheap, fast route... and we want to welcome them into the community of costumers that rocks the world.

If you're going to CVI, your best bet of finding me is at the Shoot-a-Trooper booth on Saturday and Sunday from 11:30 to 12:30. So just beforehand if you want to chat, and just after... Then on Sunday I'll be rushing over to the White Armor Panel to do my Public Relations duties before heading home.

On Thursday I'll mostly be wandering around enjoying the show in my newly approved Imperial Staff Officer uniform, followed by down-time at the Rosen Center Poolside Party at 9pm. (No I will not be in a bikini.) On Friday morning at 10:30 I will be participating in the Troop-Athlon, hopefully not doing any damage to my newly minted Centurion status armor... so that I can stand guard at the Death Star Gunnery Station.

Follow @ThePlexes on Twitter as I chronicle my adventures. Current Smashwords coupon code is SQ86D.

This is all probably too much information, but I really do want to meet up with old and virtual friends and meet new folks, and certainly my fantastic readers. So stalk away on the con floor, just make sure you don't chase me into a toilet stall or my hotel room. Cheers!

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