March 29, 2013

Updates from WonderCon

Welcome all ye visitors from WonderCon!

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How do I get a copy of Handler's Break?

Start by checking the bottom left corner of this page for links to all the outlets in all formats :)

The FIRST EDITION is still available in print via, at least for a short while. CreateSpace/Amazon takes a while to approve the SECOND EDITION files, and so it should be ready any day now. The first edition might still be available but don't be dismayed if you have to wait a few days to order the newest version. If you follow The Plexes, you'll know when everything is ready! :)

Ebooks should be par for the course - 2nd Ed might be delayed distributing to other sources, but Smashwords has all your favorite ebook formats right now!

100% off (free!!!) coupon code for Smashwords... VR35V ...use it at checkout.

What's new in the 2nd Edition? 
  • I rewrote the first chapter a bit to make it flow a little better and the appote game easier to follow. It probably lacks the overwhelming drama that was in my head in the first ed, but it's still essentially the same.
  • A completely reworked beginning. I have no idea how the first battle scene worked out at all. Now there's a better transition into the history of that opening scene with Vindik. Well I think so - if you read the first ed and want to read the second, let me know what you think of it.
  • A deeper relationship between Gen. Greming and Cmd. Boone that plays out a little better in the end, and ties things up a little more cleanly. Nobody likes loose ends.
  • A few more snippets of backstory and other notes of interest. All to fit the puzzle pieces together more cleanly.
None of this really matters if this is your first experience in the Penumbra, but hopefully you'll enjoy it all the same.

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