April 19, 2013

Contest! $50 Prize!

I hereby declare that I will give $50 to whomever, in my opinion, writes the best PLOT SUMMARY of Handler's Break (2nd Ed) by May 15, 2013 (midnight PST).

Yep, it's that easy. Just try to keep it to 300-400 words max - that's the challenge.


I suggest you stick with the main plot points and four main characters (Vindik, Boone, Elyon, Reia), and ignore all the side-plots.

This will help me step back from it, revise my own summary, and really see it from a reader's point of view. What stands out to you might be something I gloss over, and vice versa. It'll be great!

Just cut & paste it into email and send it along. If you need my email address, request it in comments here. I don't want to post it directly to avoid spammers.

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