August 28, 2013

Dragon*Con 2013... LOOK OUT!

The costumes are packed, the "Plan A" itinerary is written down, and my plane tickets are printed. Wouldn't it be just awesome if I forgot something critical like, say, my camera?


The last five copies of my 1st Edition of Handler's Break will find their way to a freebie table (or hotel table with space on it). Yep, free. Freebies! Lots of bookmarks to hand out to friends, too.

Special Dragon*Con 2nd Ed FREE Download Code from VR35V.

Or get a copy of the book in print and I'll sign it for you! (


While I'm not quite famous enough to earn my own special seat, you can meet me at a couple of events.

  • Sat. 5pm "Costuming Insights" panel in room A706.
  • Sat. 8pm, screening of "The Chronicles of Humanity" in Hilton Grand Salon E. I'll be there at the end of the screening when the talk with the director and cast starts up, so probably around 9pm.
  • Sun. 5-6pm, at the 501st Legion club table. I think that's on the bottom floor of the Marriott but I'm not sure.

I'll also be in the parade, doing a "Running of the Hoods," the Star Trek record breaker, assorted panels and events, shopping, etc. I know it sounds vain and nobody's dying to hunt me down, but dang this is one bad party!!!

I love meeting people, so feel free to come up and say hi :-)

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