September 3, 2013

Con Withdrawal

With Dragon*Con over, I, like many others, find myself pining while re-adjusting to the real world. But if there's one place to be inspired to kick my passions (ehem, addictions) into full gear, it's Dragon*Con.

First, I saw one of my favorite authors every day (Timothy Zahn)... mostly by chance... and that means the stars are telling me to write more fiction.

Second, there were some darn creative costumes to make me wonder why I bothered with some of the passé film, game, and tv characters I was attempting to replicate. Next year I'm going full bore on my Twisted Cinderella, which, if done right, could easily win a costume contest. And there are many other costumes to try out. It seems I'm venturing away from Star Wars into the unknown!

I got my Jayne hat. And a giant stuffed Octopus. I'm a happy girl.


For those of you more local to So Cal, this weekend I'll be at the Ventura ComicCon (C4). Mostly Sunday, partly in costume and partly at the 501st Legion table, and hopefully a little bit on Saturday.

Hope to see you there :-)

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