July 23, 2014

One Day at SDCC

My husband and I will be zipping on down to San Diego this weekend to enjoy a day at SDCC. Well, "enjoy" is my way of avoiding being negative about it. I have grown to loathe SDCC; it is too crowded and we never seem to get a hotel. Anywhere. In the state.

It does have its charm and is always full of surprises, so we'll see what the day brings. I'm not trooping, no cosplay, not even hawking my book...... not buying anything... not even sure what I'm doing there, to be honest!

But just for fun, I'm going to wear a QR code on my back and see if anyone comes to the site.

So if you found your way here by way of SDCC 2014, please leave a comment! Free codes to all who leave comments (no matter how you arrived)!!!


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