November 21, 2014

Machinima Expo 7

Machinima -- or as I define it, virtual filmmaking -- has been a part of my life since about the year 2000, when I stumbled into a small, international community of animators while researching the potential for machinima's commercial use.

I left all the research at the door. The community was overwhelmingly friendly, fun, collaborative, and talented. I attended shows, I met folks for dinner; we even had a little Los Angeles get together once a year or so. bought the domain, and I worked for that company for a while. But I left because I was not interested in machinima becoming a mainstream, monetizing video channel for the gamer masses. I was then and am still now connected to the independent spirit and talent around the world that continues to amaze me with its creativity, flexibility, and quality.

I always dream Handler's Break will some day be made into a movie. I'd be more than happy with a machinima film. Even a machinima trailer. Too bad I don't have one lick of machinima talent (or patience) of my own!

So happy seventh Machinima Expo, everyone. I'm glad to be a part of your community, and glad we can still all get together to celebrate this magnificent art form! If you've dropped by from the Expo, leave me a note :)

Join us on November 23, from 9am-4pm PST (with after-party hosted in Second Life).

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