Mark told me this was going to happen... Boune would be "bown" and Reja would be "Reeja." That's okay, whatever works in your head is fine, unless it's distracting. I've been there... reading a name 300 times and every time you're wondering how it's pronounced - like Hermione. Distracting.

If that's the case, then I need to change name or its spelling to be more what I intend or less distracting. I'm debating changing a bunch of the names anyway, because I ended up with 7 or so chars starting with V, not to mention how all the ships start with T. It distracts me so it's got to change.

I'll start listing names and other things here as I think of them. And no I'm not going to use those insane international symbols.

  • Boone = boon
  • Sirjon = sir john
  • appote = a poh tay
  • Greming = gree ming
  • Vindik = vin dik
  • Marleigh = mar lee
  • Elyon = el ee on
  • Vicios = vick ee oss
  • Reja = ray uh
  • Jaro Maut = jar o mott
  • Tazaec = taz ay ick
  • Yulik = yoo lick
  • Grezen = grey zen
I'm starting to see these pronunciations as character traits. Are you? Continue...
  • Val Demen = val day men
  • Qolo = koh loh or quoh loh
  • Fel'gihar = fell ghi har (that's a hard g like give)
  • Oasso = oh ass oh
  • Jereg = jare egg
    (if it were Danish it would probably be something like yer-eye lol)
  • Aryon = ar rye un
  • Malaya = muh lay uh
  • viscstasis = visk stay sis
  • Cabokan = kah boh kahn
  • Farokk = far rock
  • Yucretia = yoo kree sha
  • Reklar Titus = reck larr tie tuss
  • Quaquoro = quah korr oh
  • Macatur = muh kah turr
  • Denifer = rhymes with Jennifer
  • liens = lee enz
  • Myk = mike
  • Li'an = lee ann
  • Marleigh = mar lee
  • Karnaan = kar nan
Any questions?