Here are some other explanations and thought processes used in the story.

SAXEN ORIGINS - Saxen are genetically modified humans, naturally selected through a rather devastating process we call "mass extinction." When a Sa-X outbreak occurs, millions die. Many millions. Within days. Sometimes whole colonies are consumed so quickly they are not even able to set up effective quarantines. The colony simply becomes ghosted - except for a few survivors. Naturally all other colonies in the galaxy respond to the outbreak with both horror and fear - and those survivors are left in an apocalyptic situation. They ban together, sometimes even create mini-colonies on what's left of their colonies (toroid, for ex.), reproduce, and produce offspring that are the full manifestation of the mutation. This is what the virus intends - a new sub-species, as different from modern humans as Neandertals were, perhaps intended to replace humans. At least that's what some saxen descendants believe...

SAXEN TALENTS - The most obvious mutation is the saxen ability to perceive differently. If pre-humans had mono vision and mono hearing, and humans then mutated to have stereo vision and hearing, these new humans would have a whole new way of perceiving their world. Something in saxen perception allows them to use all their senses at a much  more details and microscopic, even molecular level. Ice isn't a hard white substance, it's crystals of hydrogen and oxygen ready to be reconfigured. The ability to perceive the sulfur on the match allows you to know to strike it to make fire. Imagine not needing to see sulfur, but everything flammable around you allows you to know you can manipulate it in some way. It is not magic, not mysterious - it is science. Simply learn to manipulate the natural substances and fields around you. Of course, it is not that simple, and most saxen try to hide their talents rather than incite fear in humans; if you never learn to play the violin you will not know you are missing a great talent.

CURRENCY - Being outside my brain, you have no idea how I made currency work in this storyverse. It's simple. If you're wealthy, your currency is called liens, derived from the word we use today, basically meaning you own something like a ship or a planetoid. The more property you own, the wealthier you are, the more liens you are said to have. Rich folk are lienholders. Then there are the rest of the people, workers and crewmen mostly. Their currency is stakes, which you can think of on the scale of dollars. So you buy a meal with stakes, and you buy the restaurant with liens.

TRAVEL? - How do they jump from system to system in an instant? I derived the possibility that there are dimensions beyond the four we perceive. For example, where does all that matter falling into a black hole go? It's matter. In this space-time continuum, there is no way it could all be in one point in the universe. Perhaps a black hole is a doorway to some other dimension where the matter all goes or gets converted to energy or something. <> And then there's String Theory. In its simplest form it is that all matter is made up of one-dimensional components called strings. I've seen them drawn as rings, but they're still strings. Energy. I read somewhere that strings connect to other dimensions (mathematically speaking) - anywhere from 6 to 20. <> So I thought, hey, if you could take all the strings and "push" them into one of those other dimensions, there is no corresponding "location" inside the dimension, so you could then "push" out of the dimensions back into our four, and if you control where you come out, you can essentially go anywhere in the universe instantaneously, because there is no time in the other dimension! <> Okay so if that blows your mind, just think of it as teleportation, though it's not.

Gurelium is a substance I made up that provides the energy to the jump drives to push into the other dimension and push out. Perhaps gurelium has special string properties that connect it to the other dimension or something. Of course, you couldn't really contain it, but let's pretend. The gurelium can slowly recharge itself by pulling more strings from the other dimension, but if you use it too often it won't recharge fast enough.

A jump drive encases all the strings within its bubble and a computer type thing tells the strings where to come out of the other dimension. You have to be careful not to get too much miscellaneous stuff in the bubble; for example, if you materialize or dematerialize in an atmosphere, the jump drive will overload. Because people need to be in an atmosphere to live, you can't jump people from ships to the surface, etc. So "teleportation" is not really possible at a practical level. It just allows ships in open space to jump to other places of open space.

HUMAN NEEDS - I think I explain this somewhere else, maybe not here - but something I hate in a lot of future/extrapolative sci-fi that doesn't alter humankind enough to not require basic needs is a lack of, well, basic needs. People can sleep floating in stasis fields if they want (Niven), sure, and those exist in my universe. But most people simply prefer a bed. Or in some cases, that's what's available, and that means covers are optional. Medical "beds" have fields that can control temperature, restraint, organ therapy, life support, whatever... beds can too, but it is more fun to snuggle up to your lover under some nice silky sheets in some cases. If you have a gravity-free fetish, perhaps you'd prefer those floating statis fields.

Also, people need to perform basic body functions, and who doesn't like a hot bath now and then? And when water is scarce, to be able to soak in a tub would be doubly amazing. Unless the human stomach is somehow removed, or evolves smaller, or can be made not to perform its function (this applies to a lot of other body parts), people will eat. It may be nutrient dense blocks of goo, but they eat. Eating is a primal social function for humankind, so I doubt we'll get rid of the ritual. Also, imagine living on goo, but when you're wealthy you can afford real food, harvested on colonies that specialize in food manipulation; if you're poor and you can get food, it's all genetically engineered, full of chemicals and poorer quality, the Monsanto of food. An enormous economic divide could exist just with the basic need to obtain nutrients.